5 Things Promoted Teams Need to Stay in the Premier League After Achieving Promotion

After achieving promotion, teams who reach England’s top flight are faced with an even tougher task: staying in it.

With the new season fast approaching, we take a look at five things a team may need to stay in the Premier League. Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham; take note.

First and foremost, the team needs a proven goalscorer at any cost and at any age. We’ve seen it so many times: the teams who fail to stay in the division are the teams who have not got a talisman up front. 

Swansea tried with Bony and failed. West Brom had Berahino; he failed and Stoke also had Berahino and guess what? He failed there too.

It’s all very well spending in the summer and bulking that squad up ready for the vigorous demands of the Premier League, but money is always needed in January as squeaky bum time approaches. 

Again, it’s been seen consistently. Clubs fail to budget for January, find their accounts lighter after sacking a manager before Christmas and find themselves languishing at the foot of the table with no hope of progression with no money. 

Having no money also brings a lack of choice of managers with compensation often a stumbling block and teams resorting to hiring a manager who’s just failed somewhere else.

The modern day owner of a football club seems to always be extravagant and outspoken and quick to drop the axe on a manager, should they fail to pick up a win in three matches.

However, a promoted club needs stability and a degree of sensibility. Cardiff City, be careful! Vincent Tan is one of the most unpredictable out there and anything could happen at the Cardiff City stadium this season.

As a promoted club, you’re more than likely to have a few managers at the helm over the season. The 2017/18 season was remarkable, in that the three promoted teams Huddersfield, Newcastle and Brighton kept their managers in their positions, and all stayed.

However, appointments need to be based on Premier League experience and not necessarily on merit from other leagues. Sensibility is the key to staying in the Premier League. It’s fair to say this year sees three remarkable managers enter the league and it will be interesting to see which one fairs best. 

People who say there is no such thing as luck in football can suck my left big toe. Decisions can go against you when you’re down on your luck, own goals can fly in off your shin, and injuries can occur tripping over your neighbour’s cat. 

Every team needs luck and this year, Cardiff City will need the most of it.

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